5,000 Boys Molested in Scouts Since 1958

By Christine Stapleton, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer, Palm Beach, Florida Post    

Among the 5,000 names of men expelled from Boy Scouts of America since 1958 on suspicion of molesting children are eight suspects in Palm Beach County, including an assistant scout master who was put on probation for 15 years for fondling two scouts.

The confidential files, intended to permanently bar suspected molesters from the organization, were obtained by the Los Angles Times. The newspaper obtained two decades of files, submitted as evidence in a court case, as well as case summaries from an additional 3,100 files opened between 1947 and 2005.

Both were provided by Seattle attorney Timothy Kosnoff, who has sued the Boy Scouts more than 100 times. The dossiers — which included biographical data, legal records, Scouting correspondence, boys’ accounts of alleged abuse and media reports — represent all surviving files kept by the Scouts as of January 2005. The Scouts have destroyed an unknown number of files over the years.

The Palm Beach County cases date back to 1961 and include: Troop 192 in West Palm Beach in 1983; Troop 203 in Lantana in 1989; Troop 155 in North Palm Beach in 1998; Troop 740 in Jupiter in 1999 and two cases in 2004 from Troops 130 and 106 in Greenacres. In seven cases the suspects are identified only by an identification number and not a name. However, Thomas R. Warren, is named as the assistant scout master who fondled two scouts in the West Palm Beach case.

According to published reports and police and court records, Warren, then 38-years-old, admitted to performing oral sex on a 12-year-old boy and masturbating with another teen. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison on one count and 15 years probation on the other.

However, Warren is still in prison, having been arrested again in 1998. Details of that arrest were not available on Thursday. Warren, now 67-years-old, is scheduled to be released in February 2015.

Hundreds of files from the 1960s to the 1980s were released Thursday by order of the Oregon Supreme Court, giving the public its first broad view of the documents.

According to the Times analysis of thousands of case summaries, at least 47 percent of the men expelled from the Scouts for suspected abuse were single, and at least the same portion did not have a child in the program. Those numbers could both be higher, because in many files that information was not recorded.

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