General Powell, Take Some Good Advice from Mark Twain

There goes Colin Powell running off his mouth again. The former Chairman of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff is the useful idiot for the left-stream media. Today he went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to take another cheap shot at the Republican Party. Here’s how Fox News’ website reported what Powell said:

“They still look down on minorities,” he said.

Powell also said the party’s more recent shift to the right has resulted in “losing campaigns” and “will be in trouble” if it doesn’t change along with the  country’s shifting demographics to appeal more to minorities and immigrants.

“You can’t keep saying no immigration policy … it makes it hard for  minorities to vote,” he said.

How ignorant can Powell be? Nobody in the GOP looks down on minorities.

Furthermore, there has been no “recent shift to the right” — unless 1980 is considered a recent year.

The so-called shift to the right has not resulted in losing campaigns. It’s the mushy moderate RINOs who don’t stand for anything Republican that keep losing elections. Ask Mitt Romney. Ask John McCain. Ask Bob Dole. Ask George H.W. Bush and many other RINOs going back nearly a century.

General Powell, get this: the conservative message is not losing! Your anti-Republican friends are losing.

Last but not least: no Republicans are saying “no” to immigration policy! We’re saying enforce the immigration policy! Illegal border crossers should not be rewarded for their felonious actions. They should wait in line along with every other foreigner seeking to legally immigrate to America! What is so hard to understand about that, General Powell?

And what makes it hard for minorities to vote? You’re making no sense whatsoever! I can’t believe Fox News even bothered to report on such nitwit statements that make so sense. Minorities have full voting rights in America; illegal aliens who violated U.S. customs law are not eligible to vote!

Take a civics course, General Powell!

How to best describe Powell’s dreadful appearance on NBC? Well take a hint from Mark Twain, who once said:

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

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