The Most Biblically Hostile President

President Barack Obama’s first job was given to him by Saul Alinsky, the late author of “Rules For Radicals.” This book is dedicated to Lucifer.

Alinsky begins his text by telling readers exactly what a radical is. He is not a reformer of the system but its would-be destroyer. In his own mind the radical is building his own kingdom, which to him is a kingdom of heaven on earth. Since a kingdom of heaven built by human beings is a fantasy — an impossible dream – the radical’s only real world efforts are those which are aimed at subverting the society he lives in. He is a nihilist.

Part of Alinskyism is the advancement of your radical goals by camouflaging them; change your style to appear to be working within the system. Deception is the name of the game.

Another major component of Alinskyism, which Obama mastered so well, is the art of mis-communication. This is the precise art that Alinsky taught to radicals who are trying impose socialism on a country whose people understand that socialism destroys freedom: Don’t sell it as socialism; sell it as as “progressivism,” “economic democracy” and “social justice.” Obama’s radical socialist friend Jim Wallis constantly pushes social justice in the guise of “Christianity.

The truth is Obama is an “election year Christian,” one who admitted his doubts in his book, Dreams From My Father. But now he’s trying to siphon off a percentage of Christians to help him get re-elected. He’s using people for his own selfish aim to maintain power.

No matter what Alinsky disciples like Obama say, they are at war with the American culture.

Obama runs for election on the basis of changing the status quo, not preserving it. Christianity is part of the status quo in America.

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