America’s 5 Most Damaging Presidents

No. 5 — Jimmy Carter: His most significant “contribution” to the nation was to give it a “crisis of confidence” during the malaise that marked his four years in office. He told us what we could not do, not what we could accomplish. The country slid backwards during his one dreary term. Carter showed us how bad things could be without strong leadership, and prompted America to respond with the selection of a truly great and positive leader, Ronald Reagan.

No. 4 –Bill Clinton: He rode the economic success of the Reagan economy and claimed credit for prosperity. Clinton taught America that cheating and dishonesty didn’t matter, arguing “everybody does it.” His deceitful, amoral messages were damaging to America’s moral and ethical fiber — particularly to youth. His political career was based on demonizing opponents. A narcissist and misogynst, he was accused of raping a woman in Arkansas and sexually molesting countless women (one of whom fled the country to escape him). True leaders have remarkable qualities. Clinton had none of them.

No. 3 — Lyndon Johnson: His War on Poverty worsened poverty. The malaise and civil unrest on his watch — not to mention the Vietnam quagmire — damaged America for decades to follow. He pointed America back in the direction of statism and socialism, which had been derailed since the retirement of FDR.

No. 2 — Franklin Roosevelt: His unconstitutional, socialist policies and programs extended the Great Depression by 7 years. Had he been as hostile to Christianity as Obama is, he would be No. 1 on the list.

No. 1 — Barack Obama: He’s overthrowing the free enterprise system that made America the world’s economic power and smothering it with socialism and excessive state control. Never in our 236-year history has a president been so hostile to free enterprise, religious liberty, free speech, the sanctity of life, and national defense. Never has an American president so blatantly supported our enemies and disrespected our allies. He is trying to transform America into something it was never intended to be — a grotesque socialist state where individual freedom cannot thrive. He must be a one-term president, or it may take decades for the nation to recover from the economic and social damage he is committing. We’ve never had a president so radical and so detached from the things that matter to Americans. He’s raping the national treasury in broad daylight. He’s the least trustworthy president we’ve ever seen. Because he is an Alinskyite radical dedicated to the collection of power at any cost. If you want to know what Obama is really about … believe the exact opposite of what he says. Former Soviet Union dictator Nikita Kruschev was unable to bury America, but Obama is running up a monstrous debt doing just that. Our Navy is at its lowest, weakest level since World War I.

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